Welcome to the THXNET. Developers' Documentation. This serves as a cornerstone for THXNET. developer users and the dedicated project teams of Layer-1 Leafchain.
Our goal is to ensure that you have all the information and resources you need to thrive in our ecosystem.


Dive deep into the core principles underpinning our platform. Explore the concepts behind Web3-as-a-Service, the design rationale of the THXNET. ecosystem, and the innovations that drive our ID-Wallet.

Workshop / Tutorials

Experience is the best teacher, and hands-on learning often offers the clearest path to understanding.
Within this section, we provide a series of tutorials that guide you through constructing demo use cases. These span both web front-end and back-end scope, facilitating the process for developers to create ID-Wallets and utilize the applications in THXNET. ecosystem.


The API docs and operation details for THXNET. APIs and blockchain networks.
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