Data Mesh

Data Mesh is a decentralized approach to data platform architecture and organizational design. It aims to address the challenges faced by multiple organizations or teams when dealing with data exchange, data management, and data governance. Data Mesh emphasizes domain-oriented ownership, self-serve data infrastructure, and a product mindset for data.
The key principles of Data Mesh are:

Domain-oriented data ownership:

Data is owned and managed by individual domain teams, promoting agility, and reducing bottlenecks.

Self-serve data infrastructure:

Provide accessible, self-service infrastructure for domain teams to discover, understand, and use data, enabling them to build and maintain their data products.

Product mindset for data:

Treat data as a product, with clearly defined use cases, performance metrics, and user experience.

Data platform as a utility:

The data platform team focuses on providing a scalable, reliable, and accessible data infrastructure for domain teams.