Application Layer

ID-Wallet / Web3Connect:

A platform that integrates Sovereign Identity, NFTs, and OpenID Connect, allowing users to become their own authentication and authorization authority, enabling secure management and data sharing among multiple organizations and end-users, thus enhancing data governance, consistency and interoperability.

Connect2Earn / Share2Earn:

An incentive mechanism that encourages end-users to use their ID-Wallet to connect with more applications based on their Leafchain, and share the NFTs and referrals with others to join the ecosystem. This mechanism is supported by the Data Mesh Layer.

Transaction Preview:

A shared module that enables of transactions in advance. It can obtain preview results before the blockchain network confirms the execution of transactions, providing a better user experience for other applications. This application is not designed for transaction compression but to perform ordering and predict the execution results of the transactions. However, the final states still rely on the results on the blockchain network, so it also has the functionality to obtain the final state of the transactions' results.

thx! / Web3 Credit Scoring:

To maintain the individuals' credibility in THXNET., we offer a simple solution by leveraging "thx!" as a Web3 credit scoring infrastructure. Third parties can easily adopt the practice of sending gratitude to build credibility within various communities or organizations, or customize their own scoring method with this application. Native APIs are available, and SNS APIs (Slack, Discord) will be available soon.

Our Launched Services are built based on these application components.

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