Blockchain Layer

This layer is built and customized upon the Polkadot Substrate Framework and FRAME pallets as its foundation. THXNET. firmly believes in the concept of Web3 as a network of networks and has chosen to leverage the strengths of established technologies to support this vision.

This layer is also structured in accordance with Layer 0 and Layer 1 blockchain network architecture, ensuring the stability and scalability of the system as it grows and evolves.


This is a Layer-0 blockchain network co-hosted by THXNET., the organizations which uphold their Leafchains and other various participants, the purpose of this chain is maintaining THX token, securing DAO processes, and upholding federated consensus security among all the chains in THXNET.


These are multiple Layer-1 blockchain networks maintained by individual businesses or organizations.

Each Leafchain is initiated through a DAO voting process on the Rootchain, with early founders and upholders determining the parameters of the Leafchain. For detailed initiation process, please refer to Leafchain Box.

Following initiation, its DAO will also be hosted and executed on the Rootchain, allowing Leafchain members to propose and make decisions using the DAO approach. This is done with federated consensus security from Rootchain upholders, also known as Layered DAO.

A Leafchain concentrates on meeting the security requirements and network stability for its specific business applications and data integration needs.

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