Web3 + Data Mesh

Integrating Data Mesh with Web3 combines the benefits of decentralized data architecture with the trust, security, and immutability features of blockchain technology.

Trust and security:

By using blockchain for data consistency and immutability, we can ensure that the data products hosted in the Data Mesh are consistent and auditable. This can be especially important in industries where data integrity is critical, such as finance, healthcare, or supply chain management.

Decentralized Identity (DID) Management:

Integrating sovereign identity wallets such as ID-Wallet, into a Data Mesh can empower end-users with more control over their data and improve privacy. This allows for better compliance with data protection regulations and supports user-centric data management.


Combining Data Mesh and Web3 technology can facilitate seamless data exchange between different organizations or platforms. This can be particularly useful for creating data marketplaces or enabling cross-platform data sharing.

Improved Data Governance:

By using ID-Wallet and ABAC checks to secure access control in a Data Mesh, we can enforce strict data governance policies and ensure that only authorized parties can access or modify the data product.