Hybrid Web3-as-a-Service

Companies seeking to introduce Web3 technology into their Web2.0-based applications and services can pay an initial implementation fee to establish a dedicated Leafchain on THXNET., similar to general SaaS models.
By paying a monthly fee, companies can use the blockchain through a Web2.0-friendly API and maintain the blockchain, with services handled by BANQ Co., Ltd. or MINKABU Web3 Wallet Inc., both located in Japan and operating in Japanese Yen. (Service will be expanded globally to accept any other FIAT)
Cryptocurrency processing is managed by THXLAB PTE. LTD., a subsidiary based in Singapore.
BaaS Model
As THXNET. utilizes the Polkadot Substrate as its foundational framework, this makes it easier for Web2.0-based applications and services to carry out cross-blockchain networks, and also for businesses already using Substrate-based technologies to bring Web2.0-based applications into their blockchain network.