The Sandbox is a specialized Leafchain on the Testnet designed for users to experiment, hack, and integrate with other Web2.0 applications or blockchain networks.
Initiating an official Leafchain on the Testnet or Mainnet requires the DAO process and some installation steps, which might not be suitable for those who want to quickly try out THXNET. or start developing with Leafchain.
To experiment with the Sandbox, users can sign up for a Sandbox account and generate an ID-Wallet for the Sandbox.
The Sandbox Leafchain provides a quick boilerplate, including a blockchain panel, explorer, and APIs. These components will be released over time:
  • SAND token faucet
  • Assets Pallet
  • NFTs Pallet
  • Utility Pallet
  • MultiSig Pallet
  • Connect2Earn / Share2Earn
  • GraphQL for querying blockchain data
  • Data Mesh tool