Launched Services


A B2B customer relationship management and employee incentive platform that provides the digitalization infrastructure for businesses, stores, and end customers, facilitating the usage such as points, vouchers, end-customer ranking system, and limited campaigns. The wallets and the transactions are secured by its Leafchain.


A Web2.0-friendly NFT platform that allows organizations to interact with members and fans through digital certificates and exclusive limited-edition items, providing prestigious services. Users can easily access exclusive data secured by NFTs or exercise rights of participating in limited offline events. NFT specifications are compatible with OpenSea and Web3Connect. (Developed for Minkabu Web3Wallet)

MINKABU Web3-Wallet

Based on the ID-Wallet, MINKABU Web3Wallet is a sovereign identity management and cross-organizational user data sharing platform. Enterprises and organizations can issue NFTs to end-users' ID-Wallets as metadata for their digital identity, such as registering scorings or specific membership levels and permissions. End-users can manage their personal information through their ID-Wallets, allowing enterprises and organizations to use user data more accurately and securely while promoting secure data exchange between businesses.
Last modified 8mo ago